I am a Jay Shetty Certified, 'Happiness and Empowerment coach' working with clients to  deepen their self-awareness, bring clarity, purpose & direction to move from inaction to powerful action.  It is my belief that when an individual works on bringing the best in themselves, it creates a positive ripple effect on their family and people they touch in their daily lives. 

My first sudden event was at the age of 14 when my dad suddenly passed away, leaving my mum (who was a housewife) with 3 children, lots of anxiety and uncertainty. Life threw a lot of challenges our way,  I somehow sailed through my ups and downs. But I hit rock bottom when my marriage of 9 years ended. It was long coming, but I did not see it! 

That was about 6 years ago. My journey of self development accelerated. My biggest 'aha' moment was when I realised how I was allowing  others to mistreat me and my self worth was mopping the floor. Inspite of my strong character and outspoken nature, I was BEING a doormat. I was not respecting my self, how was I expecting my husband or anyone else to do so? That realisation changed my outlook towards life. 

My purpose and mission is to empower individuals to deepen their self-awareness, find their purpose, direction and move from inaction to powerful action.

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