Here's what my clients have to say

Woman at Entrance

I am happy that Kshama and I got talking about things in my life that were accounting to negative feelings and low self-worth. She helped me sort through the clutter of emotions and manoeuvre my way to positive goals towards my work and relationship. 

She helped me identify patterns and become aware ideas that are self barring...some of them root their way in childhood, doing no good.

I could feel the texture of my day changing as I began to follow a positive morning routine 

Natasha James

Gitana Piscikiene

With coaching I realised that I was giving the power away. I was waiting for permission and by waiting I was making myself small. Kshama made me realise that I have to first take the action, and then the fear will disappear. 

Namrata Singhi Agarwal

Kshama helped me identify my vision & goals. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly & easily I am able to manifest the things I want it in life. Gives me the enthusiasm everyday when I wake up.